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#11 Oct 11 2017 05:41am
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coc vortex with pyre before the ignite and pyre nerf was pretty fun
I liked ignite builds in general. Vaal RF was fun too

Old coc ST powerpoint slideshow builds were awesome
and my coc voltaxic barrage build with lightning spells and shit which kinda sucked but was fun nonetheless

max block bringer of rain double striker because nostalgia and low life ele ST with crown of eyes and shit (I could never afford a shavs back then but some dude quit and gave me one for free :drool: )

e/ funny how all these builds were nerfed to shit :rofl:
I dont mind meta shifts though but damn GGG goes overboard with some of the changes

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#12 Oct 11 2017 06:08am
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inquisitor spark before it was nerfed into oblivion
#13 Oct 11 2017 06:14am
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This is a hard question
#14 Oct 11 2017 07:34am
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ci vaal pact split arrow chain with a harbinger bow before tornado shot came out
ran an auxium with it, most fun i've ever had in this game
#15 Oct 11 2017 08:08am
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quillrain coc
#16 Oct 11 2017 08:51am
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Quote (Berdy @ Oct 11 2017 06:08am)
quillrain coc

sounds hot af
#17 Oct 11 2017 10:01am
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Quote (JohnMiller92 @ Oct 11 2017 04:51pm)
sounds hot af

it was, during perandus league

had to buy a new gpu afterwards
#18 Oct 11 2017 10:26am
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crit dark pact berserker is fun as fck
#19 Oct 12 2017 07:51am
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funny alot of the builds you guys are mentioning are old as fuck lol

ggg doing dowhill coming out with sweet skills or what?
#20 Oct 12 2017 03:53pm
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Voltaxic lightning arrow when it was strongest bow in the game.
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