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#11 Oct 10 2017 05:37pm
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Quote (phyah @ Oct 10 2017 06:21pm)
Word thx. Doing pretty good using warrior weapon pirate deck, mage control and a priest buff deck. Still learning but suprised I didn't get into this game before.

Am stuck on the sindragosa dragon in the frozen throne pack. Dudes a bit tricky

Lots of good budget deck guides to beating the adventures if you Google it.
#12 Oct 12 2017 06:38am
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Quote (Jaina @ 10 Oct 2017 15:33)
Wrong. Gold limit is capped at 500g per day (100 dailies, 100 for 30 wins and 300 from PaF quests)

However, if you do arena, it's limitless.

I suppose we misunderstood. I was referring to 100g through daily wins. Play a Friends Quest I did not take into account (a new player will probably not have acquired 3-4 friends fast and be as lucky to get offered the same amount of quests to him/her). If we're talking about the total amount, you were right of course.

Quote (FroggyG @ 10 Oct 2017 23:02)
Oh 100 per day ok. 30 wins.
I definitely don't commit enough time to Hearthstone for 30 games a day lol

My pleasure.
#13 Oct 12 2017 06:21pm
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Quote (phyah @ 10 Oct 2017 16:59)
Well word up! My friend said same thing jus grind ur ass off lol.
You can grind the daily cap under 3-4 hours with only basic cards. With some random cards added here and there, that time can be lowered even further!

#14 Oct 13 2017 11:12am
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dont waste your time/money on this game, unless you have too much
the game isn't worth it (anymore)
#15 Oct 15 2017 12:35pm
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im actually rly enjoying it, i got frost lich jaina hero card in my 2nd pack so i made an elemental deck and have been doing very well vs players whos decks are clearly stacked. And for any blizz game fan i think hearthstone is a must have. I will be dropping some money on it soon but i like the learning experience. I actually have yet to face a single rogue and im @ lvl20 now after a wk. Seems like everyone and there mother uses lich king priest decks @ my rank area
#16 Oct 15 2017 12:38pm
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Quote (Voyaging @ Oct 10 2017 07:37pm)
Lots of good budget deck guides to beating the adventures if you Google it.

yeah i tried man but im still stuck @ sindagosa, think i jus need the perf hand dealt to me now, but that damn 20life 10ilife shit he does rly takes my shine away lol. thx tho i did look up a ton of deck ideas my elemental mage and inner fire priest does ok but around 7-12life he starts going ape shit on his side of the board and i cant ever get a polymorph for the life of me
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