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#1 Oct 5 2017 04:49am
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Hi, i started to play ladder slash and i was wondering how to achieve the first quest aka explore the maze.
i've discovered it totally and killed a miniboss at the end of the maze but it keep saying "explore the maze".
any insight plz ?

oh and sorry if its the wrong place to post :/

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#2 Oct 5 2017 08:44am
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You probally had 1 unexplored spot in the maze.
+ there is no mini boss at the end of a maze but a map item will drop when done exploring all the maze : )

The miniboss you talking about must be an Evil Presence, they spawn from time to time when exploring and have more chances of drops.
#3 Oct 6 2017 09:06am
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You must explore entire maze

Best done at low levels

Welcome to Ladd3r slasher
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