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#1 Oct 1 2017 09:13am
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Well I don't know if this is the right section here..

but I have an account at Audible (amazon.de)

You can buy Talking Books there... and well i paid this every month for a long time but didn't use it... so I got now 10 credits (can buy 10 talking books)

someone know some nice books / talking books i could buy there?

I don't really care about the genre... but i like things which are exciting or horror (no love stories or funny things)

Let me know! =)

Can be new or old! Will donate fg for good things mentioned

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#2 Oct 2 2017 12:51pm
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well nobody anything about that?
#3 Oct 2 2017 06:59pm
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fyi the english word you're looking for is audiobook.

i really like the english narrations of these books. dunno if you're buying english narrations or not.

harry potter (stephen fry for uk version, jim dale for us)
magic 2.0 series (nerdy/comedy for people who grew up in the 90s)
ready player one (nerdy/comedy for people who grew up in the 80s, narrated by wil wheaton of star trek TNG)
neil gaiman american gods
stephen king's IT / stand / 11-22-63
alien out of the shadows (dramatization)
grimnoir chronicles by larry correia (urban fantasy)
if you're a doctor who fan, david tennant (10) performs some radio dramas

i haven't read it, but since you like horror, check out nos4a2 (nos4r2 in uk) narrated by kate mulgrew from star trek voyager

i suggest talking to customer support and trying to get a refund for as many of those credits as you can. if you wait too long, they won't do it, but you can always buy new credits later.

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#4 Dec 6 2017 08:33pm
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An audiobook series that I have always found fantastic for story telling is

Mistborn by Brandon Standerson (The final empire being the first book)
The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson (The way of kings being the first book)

Both are available on Audible

If you feel like changing up the norm for audiobook performance check out https://www.graphicaudio.net/

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