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#1 Sep 18 2017 01:39pm
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Pick the team that you believe will be the last team to lose a game.


Must be the last team standing without a loss.
Your team must gain two points for it to be considered a win.
This goes by number of games won, not days.
No limit to how many people can pick a team.
Nauki is not eligible for entry.
Open to hockey regulars only (except our dear friend Nauki). This is not a Transcend exclusive event.
You may change your pick up until the scheduled start time of the first game of the regular season. If it says 7:00 PM ET and the puck doesn't drop for 45 minutes then tough shit. Deadline: Oct 4th 7:00 PM ET.
Post picks in this thread.
In the event of no winner, the second place team will be paid as if it were the first and so on. You are essentially competing against the other participants in the freeroll.


Sharks win 15 in a row
Sabres win 13 in a row
Sharks lose their 16th
Sabres must win THREE MORE GAMES to win, otherwise Sharks win


1st - 2000
2nd - 1000
3rd - 500

May the best team (Sharks) win.

Funds provided by:


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#2 Sep 18 2017 01:42pm
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#3 Sep 18 2017 01:44pm
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Easy pick
We allway go 10 or 15-0 every seasons and go 45-55 for the rest of the season
#4 Sep 18 2017 01:44pm
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caps ty sir
#5 Sep 18 2017 01:49pm
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#6 Sep 18 2017 01:49pm
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#7 Sep 18 2017 01:55pm
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#8 Sep 18 2017 01:59pm
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All that bangwagon,
Everyone know it will be Las Vegas
#9 Sep 18 2017 02:01pm
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#10 Sep 18 2017 02:19pm
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won this last year with sedins, gonna hapen again. allowed or not, thats winning team.
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