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#1 Sep 15 2017 11:37pm
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Been thinking of a sick warebear sorceress build for a while now. I see lot of people use duel dreams and that kinda just seems boring to me being mostly Ele DMg
I was thinking about a hybrid physical and fire damage and here are some ideas I would want to test
tell me what you think about the build and suggestions if any... Note I have been playing this game since it was released so I have some knowledge input with the gear ideas
you could do really damagey build here, or tanky with increased max resistances i gave a few choices
if you choose tanky the items may cost less but it will need to be maxed with some SCS most likely but should be fairly high from the items lastly listed

I have really been eyeballing a perfect Phoenix and all its possibilities
Lvl12 redemption would be handy for PVE and tankiness
**400% enhanced damage from a shield (stacked with 300% from fort 700% Enhanced damage)
**-28% enemy fire resist Thats a huge chunk and speaks for itself ...
Max lightning and fire resist are increased as well
other mods like 50 life and things but those are the key elements
no skill investment but increases physical Damage and also increases your over base fire damage

fortitude 300% ED resistances and many other things you all know of.
stack more melee physical Damage for sorceress since there will be no spam melee skill in warebear you will need to enhance it in other ways
COH could be good too

beast Berserker Axe
lvl 9 fantacism alone gives over 200% damage increase
bonus to attack which will be needed for melee high lvl monsters
and 30% plus attack speed these stats are without plus skill modifiers

this leaves over 900% (another 200% plus from enchant and increase to attack as well !!) Enhanced damage for your weak melee sorceress to do some crazy damage with ENCHANT

3 socketed helmet of choice, with 3 perfect fire facets or 2 perfect fire facets and a 40/15 jewel would be handy for reaching new attack speed breakpoints
a 2 socketed magic or rare helmet with plus to fire skills or sorc skills would be a really good idea too.
For increased resist build I would try andy helm with a socketed jewel with a 40ED/15 IAS jewel or a 30 fire resist /15 ias jewel
andy helm grants 2 to all skills 20 ias and maximum poison by 10% strength stat, 10% life steal (epic choice helm)

Amulet ideas:
kind of varied here
the top choices for this build if you want to be more tanky and have plus to fanta aura and BO CTA flail would be
Mara's with the 2 to skills it will increase all your spell abilities, auras, and warcry potency and strength STATS AND RESIST!
for more damage highlords amulet for the increase to attack damage and deadly strike , plus one to skill is really handy too. This one could be a more intense one for melee burst damage
the deadly strike giving double damage is a huge plus here too having no other way to increase her physical damage from skill tree
could also go with atma's for increase to attack rating , or cats eye for movement attack speed and dex AR

really dont have a preference here there are so many choices you could use for pve Where you see it be fit.
I personally think steelrend would be an epic choice for this build though and could allow you to wear some heavier defense Fortitude with the increase of 20 strength
and the extra 60% Enhanced damage would be epic (perfect)
I would also suggest IAS gloves or magefist for the increase to fire damage

or for the tanky sorc with increased resistance I would try venom grips for more increase to max poison resist and 30% poison resist

Verdungo's is a handy choice, a huge increase to health from VIT stat and other great feats
tanky max resist build snowclash would be good gives skills to frost armors etc... but the best part is it increases your max frost resist by 15%!
Arach belt if you're rich is a wise choice here too!

for overall damage I would go with Gore riders deadly strike with crushing blow and open wounds you cant go wrong!
For the tank Increased resist build I have put lastly but not least on all these sections I would try hotspurs they're simple boots but increase max fire resist by 15%!
give a small portion of hp and a huge chunk of fire resist
both are good choices

two Bul kathos rings would be handy for survival and plus to skills
or SOJ BK combo would be good too
Raven frost for increased attack rating and immune to freeze is amazing in PVE

20 Warmth
20 Enchant
20 Fire Mastery
20 to blaze (not needed could go Lightning storm like most, but I think this would be epic for this exact build above)
now you can choose the remainder points in armors , teleport, mastery, or mana shield- whatever your preference is

why blaze? well its not normally used in D2 there are so many other options more viable for a sorceress and being close to minions is the last thing they usually want
I think for a melee sorceress this would not only be fun but really effective stacked with phoenix and fire GCS etc, each skill point adds 1 second to its timer so at max build itd be a 40 second or so duration
the damage stacked with plus to skills and facets/phoenix lower resist would be beautiful
possible 8 or more to skills from gear, and off set weapons for more buff a torch with 3 to skills and an inventory of 6 or so GCS is an increase of nearly 20 skills points over 40 second blaze is more than enough time for each encounter
-idea is to buff - blaze - shapeshift- kill minions - shapeshift to normal blaze - kill minion repeat till enchant is needed again.

Charms - ANNI - max dmg with attack rating sc's , fire skill gcs
suggest torch!

mercenary I would use might Act 2 merc, with infinity for gain of damage and lower to resist!!!!

why these items- they're a perfect hybrid clash for Physical damage, elemental damage, and tankiness
its a good way to utilize enchant and blaze and also be a sick Melee sorceress
the idea is to be able to take out physical immunes easily but also be able to destroy fire immunities. I chose fire so I could focus fire potency and physical damage over lightnings Damage potential
leaving more room for physical and Fire damage

its a really expensive looking idea and could cost a fortune but it would be such a fun class
please let me know what you think or what i could add, I definitely want to keep beast, phoenix as main choice items for this build
(If you guys think its as viable as i think, I will build it and show you the potential and runthrough!)

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What dead is trying to say is you posted this in the wrong forum

This is the ladder slasher forum
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