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#21 Sep 13 2017 05:58pm
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Quote (supersage @ Sep 14 2017 01:01am)
Hi old friends :hug:

Edit epshunter lels i was like who da fuq u be hi hi :hug:

:bouncy: hey hey little ghast :) ( like kot ) :hug:

Quote (TheBert @ Sep 14 2017 01:30am)
Crackheads do crackhead ass shit!

#22 Sep 13 2017 06:31pm
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Quote (TheBert @ Sep 13 2017 06:30pm)
Crackheads do crackhead ass shit!

Look at this shit everyone coming out of hiding sup ninja :o :hug:
#23 Sep 13 2017 06:57pm
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Quote (supersage @ 13 Sep 2017 19:31)
Look at this shit everyone coming out of hiding sup ninja :o :hug:

Just sluggin it out on HC on the days I get a chance
:hugs: Hope all is well for you :wub:
#24 Sep 14 2017 03:21pm
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Quote (DemonicParasite @ Sep 13 2017 12:16pm)
Been pretty aweful. But im currently lvl 32 even though now i sometimes do 1 fight and have to go to town to heal..

Hard to find items. Probly spent 300fg or more just to be killed.

Picked up some upgrades for 35. But if i continue to get knowhere at 35 like i currently am at 32 im done.

what ? you need to spend more than that.... pm me if you need help, i havent spent toooo much and i can solo 1-71 with the gear i have right now.

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