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#41 Sep 29 2017 09:58am
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Quote (Squanch @ 29 Sep 2017 16:54)
Yes they were

No they weren't
#42 Sep 29 2017 03:34pm
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Quote (Golden_Order @ Sep 24 2017 06:56am)
I don't have those gear. Basically perfect dueling crafted gear. Maybe I exaggerated with the 1k ex gear** but a top lvl 28 PvP equips no less than 100ex in his dueling gear and his alternate gear which he can change in the following rounds depending on what his opponent uses in the first round. Most people here have no idea about top PoE lvl 28 dueling. I do because I hosted tournaments with them I saw first hand all the crazy stuff and strategies and tactics they used. Etc. I couldn't afford what they used but witnessed it. I would say PoE lvl 28 dueling was fun as hell to watch and involved a lot of skills, strategy and tactics.

**I really meant that those people have had to spent over 500ex or more crafting and also keeping tons of godly perfectly crafted lvl 28 dueling gear. Plenty of alternative gear to counter other opponents. The true top duelers kept like 5 or 6 or more different gear. And like a couple of those gears were kept in their inventories to change in between rounds depending on their opponents.

No ironman. There was real hc dueling in d2. But it's a waste of time speaking about it to people who think hc dueling was only ironman.

meh, ironman was fun
#43 Sep 30 2017 12:28pm
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#44 Oct 5 2017 06:13pm
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Quote (pypyjyys @ Sep 29 2017 09:58am)
No they weren't

Yes they were times infinity
#45 Oct 6 2017 06:46am
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Quote (RYce @ Sep 11 2017 04:00pm)
it was always boring, sc player just plays for money

hc players play to get to lvl 100 to get viewers.

still better than shit d3

he said d3
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