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#21 Aug 14 2017 12:18pm
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great job thx for this tip game is fixed
#22 Aug 16 2017 05:27pm
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good for lut socks, tasker and theo and other really hard to find shit that you use in cube
#23 Aug 26 2017 12:04pm
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why tips for getting specific items when you are given a completely geared character within 1 hour of hitting 70? game has no loot hunting no need to try and find quicker ways to get items
#24 Aug 28 2017 12:59pm
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games fixed
#25 Aug 29 2017 02:01pm
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Thanks for the tip!

I am currently lvl 10 this season, but I want to progress with my nercomen.

If I reach lvl 11 this season (very unlikely tho lmao), I will make sure to get that ring.

I can't wait to try this!
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