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#1 Aug 8 2017 04:26pm
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Without going into detail, it has been an awful day. Everything that can go wrong went wrong. Kids behavior, ex wife, work.

I just could use some words to help power me through this evening.

Normally extremely happy and optimistic... just a rough day
#2 Aug 9 2017 12:10am
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#3 Aug 30 2017 06:15am
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God bless you
#4 Aug 30 2017 12:07pm
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God will hear your prayers and you will be fine.

I've had a rough week and lost almost everything I own due to Hurricane Harvey.
Giving up is the easy thing to do but somehow we keep moving forward and have hope!

We pray for each other. My situation is difficult but I'll try to help others that I can as well.
At this point I don't even care about anything other than doing what I can do to help people.

If I'm homeless on the streets then I'll still find a way to make a difference from this day forward.

Time is truly what we make of it. For so long I had the wrong attitude. I finally see the light!

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