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#1 Jul 18 2017 03:53pm
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hey, which web browser do most of d2jsp players use ?

1) Mozilla Firefox
2) Google Chrome
3) Microsoft Edge* (Edge has some problems with this website but it's the best for the Windows 10 Platform)


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#2 Jul 18 2017 04:27pm
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chrome seems to be the best for me personally.
I use a macbook though so I'm not sure if it's different for other people =/ I know for me, (just one example) if I use firefox, I have to go to cata to refresh where my health bar is (the % full) if I tab out for something it stops the live progression of regening life/mana. In chrome, it doesn't stop when I tab out for some reason :P

there's a couple little quirks like this that makes chrom > for me
#3 Jul 18 2017 04:30pm
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I prefer chrome. A lot use mozilla
#4 Jul 18 2017 04:32pm
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Also using chrome, not sure why i use it but never had any problems with it.
IF i would use something different then id go for firefox, i like that you can copy/paste the text from ls chat
#5 Jul 19 2017 03:51pm
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I haven't found one yet that works perfectly since some of the recent game updates. Chrome and Firefox work well enough. There's also a new platform projector that works great so far.
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