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#1 Jun 26 2017 07:12am
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So I'm pretty new to LS, i have a level 23 fighter on HC with the following stats and gear;

65 str
50 dex
10 int
59 vit

Mystical alloy axe
dmg 77-93
2% armor pierce
1% power shot.

Rare alloy plate mail
18-55 phys def
0-6 mag def
1% dmg return
2% ice mastery.

and a couple of poor charms with 4% exp gain in total.

What advice would you give to new players? Any specific stats to look out for on items?

I know I need new armor as I'm starting to get hit quite hard now but I'm yet to find a decent physical and magic defense armor.

#2 Jun 26 2017 07:18am
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Not sure if you already know this, if you do, i apologize for telling it again :)

On the weapon you should have enhanced effect, it will increase your dmg. Since your weapon is lvl 15 with 56ee, its equal to a lvl 20 weapon with 36ee.( Iam not 100% sure about the exact stats)
So if you would find a lvl 20 weapon with 40+ ee it would probably make more dmg.

On the armor i would recommend you, especially for HC to have enhanced effect on it, you will get lower hits from the monsters. Probably additional life on the armor wouldnt be too bad.
If you use axes your charms should have str/dex, that will increase your dmg, if you are going to use swords then your charms should have str on it. If you should ever use Daggers on any chars the charms should have dex :)

#3 Jun 26 2017 07:24am
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I wasn't aware about enhanced effect, so thank you.

I will look to purchase some armor with EE then once i made some more fg.

I'll look out for those charms.

Thank you. :)
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