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#301 Apr 25 2017 07:44am
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Quote (Voyaging @ Apr 25 2017 02:53am)
Woods > Nicklaus

Elijah > Nicklaus
#302 Apr 25 2017 08:30am
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Quote (RemembertheTitans @ Apr 21 2017 01:34pm)
I didnt grow up watching jordans era...so not really fair for me to give input...but ive been watching lebron for 15 years....and the entire team hes been in the league he has been the best player...and with how he has adaptef his game hes probably got 6 or so years left.

So ima have to say lebron is better

your opinion doesn't matter or count
#303 Apr 25 2017 10:01am
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Quote (Rust_Ninja @ Apr 24 2017 08:52pm)
did you guys forget the time michael jordan deleted an entire team for having his team name in it?


How is anyone going to watch this and think Lebron is better..?

Only if they can't shoot.
#304 Apr 25 2017 01:13pm
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Quote (Trugbug @ Apr 25 2017 05:03am)

when you compare each individual's accolades holistically rather than just look @ majors i'd have to agree

kind of reminds me of what it looks like to compare MJ's and LBJ's accolades

...except that includes championships as well B)


Quote (LongClip @ Apr 25 2017 07:38am)
Hey I think I found something we agree on! WOW!

Changed my mind
#305 Apr 25 2017 01:23pm
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Quote (Voyaging @ Apr 25 2017 03:13pm)
Changed my mind

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