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#11 Apr 19 2017 05:43pm
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Turtle beach makes decent headsets, i ended up swapping mine for 515 rigs.
I like them equally. I didnt want to spend much on a headset but wanted decent sound if I turn my avr off.
#12 Apr 21 2017 05:15am
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i bought turtle beaches xp 500 7.1 surround sound + blue booth etc.. for the 360 then turn around bought a 10$ piece and works like a charm

no need for an upgrade yet.
#13 Apr 21 2017 09:27am
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Craigslist, Astro A40.

I paid $100 for mine, but I've seen them for less.
#14 Apr 22 2017 06:00pm
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Turtle beach xo four stealths are good
#15 Apr 24 2017 12:50pm
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i bought a pair of afterglow and the sound is switched its fucking annoying like left is right and right is left
only way to fix it is to unplug it everytime i turn it on and its wireless so i have to move everything around the xbox just to get behind it and unplug it
im mad at it afk
#16 Apr 27 2017 02:45am
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I did see a set at Wal-Mart today $40 sound quality was great don't know about Mic though
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