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#271 Sep 22 2017 07:17am
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Quote (Rektifye @ Sep 22 2017 07:52am)
Quite Possible! but yeah the midnight scout is great for the AI, tracer is good for the boss as well as sword. I found it easier then the very first NF, but then again I was much lower Light level.

did you send the Clan invite recommendation to the big man? I checked last night and didn't see it so maybe he wasn't online yet.

Not yet, i have to see you online on destiny or on the destiny app to throw invite
#272 Sep 22 2017 11:27am
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A friend and I switched from Xbox to PS4 for Destiny 2. We are both 305 on our main and 290+ on all three characters. Send me an invite because we play Destiny a lot and will continue to.

PSN OtterJethro
#273 Sep 22 2017 05:56pm
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if anyone needs a member of fireteam for anything let me know

psn: hunglong12stitch
#274 Sep 23 2017 10:44pm
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Looking for people to play with. Currently have 1 char at 283 light. But going to be making 2 more at some point.

Mrcrawley8 is my PSN username
#275 Sep 24 2017 05:46am
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I’ve got a 301 hunter and 300 warlock so far. Haven’t beat the raid as LFG people can’t grasp the mechanics. Stuck at calus. But I play frequently.
Psn: Ximstigati0n
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