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#111 Sep 26 2017 01:52pm
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entrop ring my old <3
#112 Oct 7 2017 08:21pm
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Enjoyed this. Probably the best legit barb I've seen.
#113 Oct 13 2017 07:00am
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Quote (Twinsen @ Feb 15 2017 02:56pm)

A few of these items have been posted here already by previous owners.

I am aware some items can still be upgraded. ( as on every char ^^)
If I can find such jewels that are in armor I might put them in a mp instead of lp :P bought it like that.
The rings could have 5 dex but he already have mb without any pts in dex, they could have 10-20 life instead of dex though.
And amu could have up to 9 str. Would just give slightly more life in the end.

Not to mention insane 30 barb rings/amus are hard to find at euro. And they already got the main things I looked for (repl/mana/str and some res.)
War boots could have higher lr ( reach 75 tho ) and i'm happy with this pair, as I struggled to find any war boots at all with lvl 29 req along with 30/10/5dex.
Oh and Dino mostly use 3% frw scs in duels with 23xx~ life, just muled to get prettier stats :lol: ( Don't tell anyone :ph34r: )
With 40 x max/ar/lifers I think he would reach 2900-3000 life~ but I prefer having some frws in tele setup too.

Tele staff is generally okay 1vs1 vs other tele chars like sorc and tele staff dru on europe.

Pardon me for the tl;dr text there.

Special thanks to Doode ( whom I share this barb with ) Bonnerf2, Textbook, Sepulba, Joksen and a few others <3
Who sold/donated items to this barb.

Funny barb but pretty nice id like 30lvls :)
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