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#11 May 21 2017 12:37am
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Quote (Blah58 @ May 21 2017 09:52am)
GT is not canon, and it is a steaming pile of shit. I'd stay away from it.

what's so bad about it?
#12 May 23 2017 06:56pm
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Quote (Lil_Gueto @ 21 May 2017 08:37)
what's so bad about it?

Awful story development, bunch of inconsistencies when it comes to the character's powers, many episodes are either rushed or slow/boring/pointless, lots of senseless screaming, it ignores or is inconsistent with the canon, most of the characters have become retarded pushover pussies, the show has little creativity and constantly tires to recycle old ideas, some characters are completely pointless and shallow (Ub is treated like some important character, but just dresses up as Papaya Man in a random tournament and fights Baby for 10 minutes), etc

I liked it when I was a kid, but then rewatched during college and realized it was complete garbage for the most part (some bits of the Baby and Dragons sagas are closer to decent). There really are a of things wrong with the show...
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