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#1 Feb 6 2017 12:44pm
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For only 20fg I will be Writing Satirical thug love freeflow/poem style pieces for your lady or guy this valentines day.

you may post or PM me and I will have my team get started on compiling it as soon as possible.

All pieces will be written as requests are recieved, and if you don't like it? We will either rewrite it for you, or you don't have to pay for it!


"Is you Is, or Is you aint?
Finna lemme take you on a date?

Thoughts of you, they cloud my mind.
B**** you betta be my Valentine.

I don't mean no disrespect.
I'll ink your name up on my neck.

Girl you is unworldly fine.
So B**** please be my Valentine."

The derogatory level may be toned down or turned up depending on your comfort level with the hopeful valentine.
Nothing is restricted! Even Vulgarity requests are welcome!

Pm or post with any questions, comments, or concerns!
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