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#2001 Feb 22 2018 08:03pm
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Quote (RistVaLL @ 23 Feb 2018 02:52)
we've had plenty of those, we had item stats last one and u complained still ^^
you expect to get 4-5 good ones in just 1 event? ^^

#2002 Feb 22 2018 11:21pm
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I want this to happen someday:

+0% increased monster difficulty (+50% increased monster difficulty per trapdoor)

Anything between 20 and 100% increased monster difficulty per trapdoor would be great. This way it doesn't have to be scary in HC and you can remake the game if you don't wanna fight harder monsters after falling down a trapdoor, but for those of us who miss those few hours when Paul accidentally made the 225% monster difficulty event... :thumbsup:
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