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#5421 Jul 9 2018 04:58pm
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Quote (HeLiCaL @ Jul 9 2018 06:29pm)

hmm that fan made? thought this movie was gonna be about an ancient saiyan/s coming back etc. i do recall hearing that this movie will take place in different time periods. i just hope were not getting our hopes to high for this movie not to mention hoping to see the return of ultra instinct.
#5422 Jul 9 2018 07:01pm
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Wow this thread has so many pages for what it is

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#5423 Jul 10 2018 12:16am
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Quote (kalelvszod @ Jul 10 2018 12:58am)
hmm that fan made?

its real
#5424 Jul 10 2018 10:12am
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I'm assuming they are making broly an old saroyan who's been trapped in ice. I think I read somewhere frieza finds him and gets him out or something. Could be neat.
#5425 Jul 10 2018 10:51am
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Can't wait. This is going to be Akira interpretation of Broly. That moment when Kale meets Broly. Destructive as fuck!
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