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#1 Apr 14 2014 01:59pm
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Team Fortress 2 - Trade/Price Guide
by Marcusd0 : updated 15th May 2014

Spreadsheet updated @ 12th January

So let's start off by the basics!

2 craftable weapons (doesn't matter if secondary/melee or primary) is 1 scrap. (Some got higher value now)
Clearly if you check in the TF2 in game crafting you'll get 1scrap for 2 craftable weapons.
It just have to be the same class, doesn't have to be the same item.

1scrap = 0.11
0.33 (3scrap) = 1 reclaimed (rec/0.33)
3 rec (0.99/1) = 1 refined (ref)

You can trade a few refined for a TF2 key (Mann Co. Supply Crate Key).
Current ratio is not 100% correct but check here - 7.66-7.77+

(For example a key ratio is 5.33:1)

TF2 key wiki - http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Mann_Co._Supply_Crate_Key
Refined Metal wiki - http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Refined_Metal

[[ Make sure to state TF2 key(s) since there's dota2 keys (many different kind) and other special keys for TF2 ]]

Now where do we go from here, isn't Team Fortress 2 all about keys? - NOPE.

If you want items superior than normal craftable items, you might be looking for Strange items.
To get Strange items you need to open a Crate ( http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Mann_Co._Supply_Crate ).
Crates are pretty worthless since they drop all the time and everyone got one. The only crates you really want is the one that cannot drop or specific items in the crates that has a higher value (make sure to read the wiki page).

i.e -
Series #54
Added to drop in the December 20, 2012 Patch. Retired from drop in the March 12, 2013 Patch.

Now when we've discussed the most important currency & what keys do, we shall continue with... HATS!

Normal craftable hats that drop (very rare tho) or simple hats that you've gained from games such as Ellis' Cap ( http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Ellis_Cap ) could be sold for most of the time around 1.22-1.33~.
Promo hats, vintage hats, strange, unusual & other hats that you've gained for other events and pre-purchased games (also includes items & other misc stuff) will sell for a higher price.

So if you have any promo stuff (i.e easy sell promo's are Bills Hat, Earbuds, Max Head) or other simple currency such as Ticket/metal & Name/Desc tags the price will be stated in this spreedsheet -

Item name (and it's this order : genuine/vintage/unique/strange/haunted/collector's) -
A : http://i.imgur.com/2r76lg9.jpg
A : http://i.imgur.com/n7YSe1u.jpg
A : http://i.imgur.com/rxuO4Oa.jpg
A-B : http://i.imgur.com/qWXMRhX.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/4F5BZlq.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/oVDPepi.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/MplT10T.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/Nne4Z60.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/uVRwgog.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/eFX8BPx.jpg
B : http://i.imgur.com/Ia6EFLb.jpg
B-C : http://i.imgur.com/suPlycN.jpg
C : http://i.imgur.com/5X5sLPl.jpg
C : http://i.imgur.com/oblLRLp.jpg
C : http://i.imgur.com/AWv2wHM.jpg
C : http://i.imgur.com/XBq5sdk.jpg
C : http://i.imgur.com/ogvUfsl.jpg
C-D : http://i.imgur.com/oimViog.jpg
D : http://i.imgur.com/B9WYyfe.jpg
D : http://i.imgur.com/5Y9S77v.jpg
D : http://i.imgur.com/tVa0HzI.jpg
D : http://i.imgur.com/WyJNCru.jpg
D-E : http://i.imgur.com/Lm64G5N.jpg
E-F : http://i.imgur.com/rRTCuoy.jpg
F : http://i.imgur.com/Y8NhJ8a.jpg
F : http://i.imgur.com/8pBxQMx.jpg
F : http://i.imgur.com/TNRFSag.jpg
F : http://i.imgur.com/bycrviU.jpg
F-G : http://i.imgur.com/Cy4TpQ1.jpg
G : http://i.imgur.com/dHRkjXu.jpg
G : http://i.imgur.com/cWxn1k9.jpg
G : http://i.imgur.com/swEWTAR.jpg
G-H : http://i.imgur.com/8YJMs7e.jpg
H : http://i.imgur.com/Xdt1FJU.jpg
H : http://i.imgur.com/oBPgN7W.jpg
H : http://i.imgur.com/MFFQSA4.jpg
H : http://i.imgur.com/Ih0qF4L.jpg
H-I : http://i.imgur.com/elcq0O6.jpg
I-J : http://i.imgur.com/atPcFRW.jpg
K-L : http://i.imgur.com/FHYGfdj.jpg
L : http://i.imgur.com/Ts9TYQb.jpg
L : http://i.imgur.com/7cMMVVG.jpg
L-M : http://i.imgur.com/EKSG0O6.jpg
M : http://i.imgur.com/YvKlkdg.jpg
M : http://i.imgur.com/8dKez0s.jpg
M : http://i.imgur.com/z3Vp8wS.jpg
M : http://i.imgur.com/vytpywf.jpg
M : http://i.imgur.com/C5qJFEU.jpg
M-N : http://i.imgur.com/V9DyxUr.jpg
N : http://i.imgur.com/z9e2GSf.jpg
N-O : http://i.imgur.com/A8ePlHW.jpg
O-P : http://i.imgur.com/XGKldVa.jpg
P : http://i.imgur.com/7bwWPz8.jpg
P : http://i.imgur.com/13nV4Mv.jpg
P : http://i.imgur.com/gkYcgLf.jpg
P-Q : http://i.imgur.com/Q2j5Apc.jpg
Q-R : http://i.imgur.com/wBNdVgr.jpg
R : http://i.imgur.com/3zZxbBQ.jpg
R : http://i.imgur.com/2GNAYdu.jpg
R-S : http://i.imgur.com/KfaqiRc.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/chOo4qm.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/VVdLsQ5.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/uGQDTKy.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/qe1mOys.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/lTeNjEF.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/XTAvcFJ.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/LtjVpvB.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/huznzJA.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/Yt8xGtZ.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/bBAp2sO.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/x4E36Rz.jpg
S : http://i.imgur.com/lJNk8NA.jpg
S-T : http://i.imgur.com/jsnRdwx.jpg
T : http://i.imgur.com/MoMWO5F.jpg
T : http://i.imgur.com/zol1rya.jpg
T : http://i.imgur.com/XvmbA84.jpg
T-U : http://i.imgur.com/9rsAZAn.jpg
U-V : http://i.imgur.com/UzvaUlL.jpg
V http://i.imgur.com/YzcWMim.jpg
W http://i.imgur.com/jo2OEmD.jpg
W-Y : http://i.imgur.com/9VKYh4h.jpg
Y-Z : http://i.imgur.com/OzYnTtK.jpg

(Pictures wont get updated 2 much, only if major update or new specific items get added)
Earbuds - 18keys
Bill's - 6keys
B.M.O.C - 10keys
V Bill's - 1.5keys
Max - 3buds
Paints & other items had a 50% sale on the holidays, expect a 50% price for a few weeks, then slowly increase
Halloween spells will increase again & items will drop.
(TF2)Trade cards - 0.33~
(TF2)Foil trade cards - 0.25-0.5 keys
(TF2)Profile Backgrounds - 0.05-0.11
(TF2)Emoticons - 0.05-0.33 (depends if common/rare)
NOTE - other game cards/emoticons got a different value!
Make sure to calculate before you do every trade, if a key is 200fg and the current ratio is 6.00 you can easy calculate how much a Refined is in FG.

And before you do any trades, make sure to read the rules - http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=63902975&f=208

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