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#1 Oct 19 2013 10:38am
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Constantly searching for 4 party games to play with?
I have the solution.

These games are ALL run on MP10! So make sure you can handle that! Scroll to end of post to see how each character can benefit the team!

A quick about me and a thank you to everyone cooperating.. So I spend a lot of my time that I get to play games running these channels and writing these tutorials. I don't really get to do too many runs myself for I'm quite busy. Lately people have been generous enough to help make it worth it by donating to me and I appreciate that a ton! You are for the most part VERY nice people! Thanks for your help!

Breaking News! Guild Update!
This group is going to Guild Only Soon:

- We will keep a good list of members in our guild and as soon as the numbers are high enough "150 members or so" we're going guild only.
- This will ensure we have good mannered players in the channel.
- This will ensure players follow the rules of the channel.
- This will ensure a good time and fun with friendly players!
- [URL=http://forums.d2jsp.org/guild.php?i=2011 ]http://forums.d2jsp.org/guild.php?i=2011[/URL] <-- link to the guild page.. request to join..and give me reason why I should accept you!

Expect Channel Refreshing:

- The guild will now refresh the channel every 1-2 days. This ensures the channel isn't loaded with blacklisted members and/or afk members.
- If you arn't actively playing or using channel please leave it. There are people who would like your spot. Our members will do our best to get you back in.
-If your not in the channel that LordPain is not in you are in the wrong channel.


Example Run Video: (Thanks robertordf)

Where crypts are located: (Thanks robertordf!)

These Members Help Monitor and Invite People into Channel:

Permitted Actions in Channel and Tips:

- To post looking for players to invite to your game.
- LF1M stand for "Looking for 1 more" this is an easy way and commonly used in channel. Others are LF2M, LF3M.

Channel Rules:

- No posting links to items. This will not be tolerated at all. You will be immediately blacklisted if you do this intentionally.
- No insulting other members in the channel. It is not acceptable and there is no reason for it.
- Do not post (X dps Looking for game). It is pointless. It won't help you recieve invites and you should be looking for a crypt game yourself.
- Direct users who don't know how runs work to this thread!
- Troll comments are not welcome. Though I don't have a problem with common chatting.
- No inviting blacklisted members. You will be blacklisted immediately. There are many members in channel who monitor and report for these actions.
- Cooperate when the guild closes channel and move to a new one. We do this to leave afk'ers and blacklisted members behind and ensure a fully active channel!

If you have an issue with a member please Right-Click and Block Communication on their names. Whatever the reason this shall make your stay more enjoyable.


The following members are blacklisted and not welcome in TradeSafe's Crypt Channel.
Please Right-Click and Block Communication if you see them. Also do not invite these players as you will be blacklisted as well.

Thank you,

- Baked (Consistant Spam/Trolling)
- o0Dragon0o (Consistant Spam/Trolling)
- Technoviking (Invites Blacklisted Members and Spam/Troll)
- Kimbo (Insults people for no reason.)
- Scorp (Invites blacklisted members and Spam/Troll)
- Digital (Insults other players / Troll)

How does one get blacklisted:

- Spamming Items
- Spam in General
- Consistant Trolling
- Insulting other members in channel
- Being disrespectful in general

How do I get off the blacklist:

- You can start by apologizing and explaining your actions
- You can communicate with the guild leader via d2jsp.org LordPain
- It will be rare to be removed once your on it

It is suggested that you follow these rules. There is benefit from being welcome to the channel. For we all build up the channel and try to keep it full.

Old Threads:
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=68889893&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=68900210&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=68907381&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=68915631&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=68942491&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=68983720&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=69009357&f=153
- http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=69021160&f=153

The following members have donated to the threads to keep them going. Thank you for your help!
You will always hold a position on my friends list! :)

Hellyan: 45 fg
IngramW: 4.5fg
Spine_Feast: 5fg
Itflash: 12fg
reachtheheavens: 50fg
Wrath69: 25fg
Petshop: 2fg
DustyOne: 220fg
PhoeniX_Down: 50fg
ltflash: 12 fg
Spine_Feast: 5fg
IngramW: 4.5 fg
Naugus: 220 fg
Firemace: 220 fg
Rodney04Light: 50fg
partyplanner: .01fg
Wrath69: 30fg
Rodney04Light: 50fg
aznxlight123: 25fg
Wumderbean: 28.35fg
GoDLiK3: .03fg

Thanks again guys!

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#2 Oct 19 2013 10:43am
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prep barb or cob wd always down for crypt runs
#3 Oct 19 2013 10:44am
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please add to convo or invite :D

gooofish#1682 :lol:

312k dps pull monk here
#4 Oct 19 2013 10:44am
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These runs are GFG when people are on and ready to play.
Haven't really had any issues with anyone (Except BL'd people).
I gain a level per run, and I'm at paragon level 48.

Plus, they are FREE. GG.
#5 Oct 19 2013 10:54am
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315k+ Unbuffed
500k+ WotB Buffed W/W - HotA

I can prep Elites or Crypts, whichever. Not rude, and not just looking to leech.

Ownage#1877 ( Sent LordPain request ig )

Thanks! :thumbsup:
#6 Oct 19 2013 11:16am
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please add me
prep barb + 450k archon wiz
#7 Oct 19 2013 11:18am
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Please just add us in-game to get added to channel; Instead of posting btag here!

/E: Channel is full ATM.
Second channel is up.

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#8 Oct 19 2013 12:57pm
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i need an invite to channel, and also LF3M crypt prepped
#9 Oct 19 2013 01:07pm
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iso 2nd channel inv duckmilker#1694
#10 Oct 19 2013 01:22pm
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Quote (theduckmilker @ Oct 19 2013 07:07pm)
iso 2nd channel inv duckmilker#1694

me too please...
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