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#31 May 23 2012 08:25pm
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1. Why do you play (video game name)? Do you use it sometimes as an escape from reality?
because it is fun and mindless yet thoughtfull. it is impossible to escape from something that does not exist.

2. Do you feel like you have more freedom to do what you want inside the game or inside real life? Why?
the game is confined by the codes used to write the game and real life is confined by the equations of physics.
with my current knowledge of programming and physics, i cannot currently break either rules. so they have equal freedom.

3. Do you have more confidence in your abilities do things in game or in life?
E-Peen = 11inches
Peen = 3inches

4. Do you feel that by playing (video game name), it has increased your overall happiness in real life?
I have a skill that has made me immune to all emotions.

5. What would it take to make you stop playing (video game name)?

6. How much time have you spent on this game(estimate or exact)?
in-game time for all games put together that i have ever played....
probably about 400ish days worth. (9600 hours)
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