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#1 Apr 20 2012 04:43pm
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Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik wanted to capture and decapitate former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland during his shooting massacre on Utoya island, he said.
Breivik told his trial he planned to film the beheading and post the video on the internet - as well as kill all 600 people who were at the Labour Party's youth camp on July 22.
But Brundtland had already left the area as the far-right fanatic began his shooting spree.
The revelation came as Breivik described how he became a deadly marksman by honing his gun skills by playing the violent Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare computer game. The mass killer even bought a special gun sight used on the game - and attached it to the hunting rifle he used for his deadly rampage on a Norwegian island.
Thomas Hylland Eriksen, a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, said such computer games could put Breivik in a state of delusion.
#2 Apr 20 2012 04:44pm
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Cool. The U.S. military hones their skills on video games too.
#3 Apr 20 2012 04:44pm
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Halo's better to learn
#4 Apr 20 2012 04:49pm
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And you guys think this is news why?
#5 Apr 20 2012 05:57pm
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Its a fact of life that antisocial psychopaths exist and choose to commit crimes. Their choice of hobbies is completely unrelated.
#6 Apr 20 2012 06:22pm
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People tend to forget that certain video games are virtual simulations... (e.g. FPS games...)


But most of us see it as entertainment...and it is...it just gets to some people I suppose.

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#7 Apr 20 2012 06:26pm
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Mass murderer also liked carrots. Clearly, we must ban all orange foods.
#8 Apr 21 2012 01:43am
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Uh oh, I see video game bans in the future.
#9 Apr 21 2012 01:46am
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Quote (BardOfXiix @ Apr 20 2012 08:26pm)
Mass murderer also liked carrots.  Clearly, we must ban all orange foods.

Don't forget brussels sprouts. They must be banned for the good of mankind.
#10 Apr 21 2012 01:51am
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Not even thread worthy.
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