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#1 Mar 3 2012 09:14pm
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If you are new to the game you may want to track this topic and refer back to it as needed.

PRICE GUIDE - http://forums.wildshadow.com/node/36820
This is currently the most frequently used/updated price guide. It gets updated a few times a week. Use it only as a guide.

I'm going to list a rough way to know if you should even bother checking the price guide or if you should just drop the item and move along(if its not an upgrade). If you arent sure tho, check the price guide!
Generally speaking most items of value will follow these rules:
Stat potions of any kind
Weapons with at least 1% fame on them.
Armors with at least 1% fame on them.
Rings with at least 2% fame on them.
Ability Items with at least 2% fame on them.

The fame itself doesnt matter and is not what gives value, but higher items automatically have higher fame on them. Dont be fooled tho, occasionally lower fame items are more useful/valueable than the higher fame items.
Very important to note that not all items follow these rules(Amulet of Res). Also just because it does have these fame values does not guarantee it has value and may be hard to trade.

Relating in game value to forum gold - As the guide says defense potions are basically the games currency. At the time of writing this, 1 def pot is worth about 40fg. Value for every other item can be compared to this. Be aware the value of def pots can change at any time. Also be aware that people can sell items for whatever the hell they feel like. If someone tried to sell def pots for 200fg each, let them, just dont buy from them. Likewise if someone wants to dump off their stock quickly or feel generous they may sell for a lower amount.


WIKI - http://forums.wildshadow.com/wiki/realm-mad-god
This is the official wiki for rotmg. If you play the game on the official site you'll notice a link for it directly on the bottom of the page. Playing on alternative hosts such as Kongregate.com dont usually have the link.

If you have any questions about the game check the wiki first. I cant think of much, if anything, that is left out of the wiki. This is also the home of the game's official forums. Be sure to use the search feature on the top right corner. For instance if I hadnt linked the price guide already for you, you could search 'price guide' and the same guide would pop up.

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/
Text not doing it for you? Want to see how something is done? Dont ask here. Search YouTube dummy. If you asked here all we would do is search for you and call you a lazy bitch. Dont be lazy.


Very brief starter FAQ:

First off the wiki has a much larger and better FAQ. So click the damn link. These are 3 questions the wiki/faq doesnt cover that well and are pretty important for starting out. Even tho I did my best to answer these questions, you'll still to use the wiki in conjuction with my answers to see exactly what Im talking about.

What class should I start with?
Start with the higher ranged classes. Personally I found Priest to be the easiest to learn the game with. Necromancer, Archer, or Wizard would be my personal picks tied for second choice to the priest if you arent feeling the priest.
The three current 'melee' classes Knight, Warrior, and Paladin should never be the first class you try to max or farm with. These in my opinion are the hardest to start with.

What class is the best?
All classes are usable and have their own unique strengths/weaknesses. The game is constantly being balanced and like all games each class can be the best at any given stage of development.
Also you do not need to unlock all the classes. They do not get stronger the harder it is to unlock. In fact everyone starts with the wizard and its one of the strongest classes in the game.

Help! I cant decide what to play!
First off know that if you have the skill and the stat pots/gear, every class is playable. As for picking which class, you should look at the following 3-5 key things and decide for yourself. The first 3 are most important for new players.

1. Attack range. Attack range is super important. Higher the range the better. But of course this isnt the only thing to consider.

2. Ability. Each class has 1 unique ability. Play what you think is fun.

3. Base stats. Each class has base stats(use the wiki) that max out using stat potions. If you are looking to play the fastest moving char or the highest def char, this is where you look. If you dont have stat potions, this doesnt really matter. For example Knights have the highest base defense of 40. However, if you dont have 40 defense potions, their base max is irrelevant.

4. Items. As you become more experienced and wealthy in this game you'll notice certain items have unique stats or effects. For example swords have a base range of 3(3.5 in an upcoming patch) which may seem too low for you. However if you check the wiki you'll notice a few rare swords exist with a higher range. Another example is the Rogue's ability(cloak) to stealth for a short amount of time. One cloak exists that not only stealths you, but makes you teleport to your mouse cursor location.

5. The Enemy. Certain classes excell at killing certain events/dungeons/bosses/etc. This comes with experience. Again, every class can do everything in the game.

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#2 Mar 3 2012 09:24pm
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Always so helpful, thanks Kake
#3 Mar 3 2012 09:27pm
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Great post man.
#4 Mar 3 2012 09:28pm
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Awesome bro
#5 Mar 3 2012 09:36pm
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Should be stickied, imho.
#6 Mar 4 2012 12:45pm
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Huray sticky!
#7 Mar 4 2012 01:17pm
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Very much appreciated :D Great job sir.
#8 Mar 4 2012 03:10pm
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That "guide to being a pro" guide is good..
#9 Mar 4 2012 11:31pm
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I thought this belonged here.

You can type the following commands in as chat messages.

/tell <player name> <text> sends a private message to a player with a unique (gold) name. /t is functionally identical.

/who shows a list of who's online in your realm.

/help shows a partial list of commands in the chat window.

/ignore <player name> will ignore player.

/unignore <player name> will unignore player.

/tutorial teleports the player to the tutorial dungeon.

/pause will enter you into a paused state where you can't be harmed, but you can't use items or regenerate hp/mp. Can only be used when no enemies are nearby. /pause again exits the paused state.

/trade <player name> opens a trade request with the player you named. Will not work if the player is not nearby.

/teleport <player name> teleports you to the player name you entered.

/server tells you which realm you are in.

/yell <text> broadcasts your message throughout the entire Nexus (instead of just 15 squares)

/invite <player name> invites a player to your guild, only available if you are a leader or officer.

/join <guild name> joins a guild that you have been invited to.
#10 May 11 2012 06:51pm
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Price guide on the RG wiki is 404 now. Is there a new one?
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