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#31 Mar 14 2012 04:27pm
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Sticky this, obviously a lot of time and hard work was put into making this.
#32 Mar 22 2012 07:43am
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I can be a success story!

I've been using this addon (based on this sticky) for about 2 weeks now and have made 9k gold. I haven't touch my inscriptionist once I hit 525 (like a year ago lol) so I don't have near the glyphs I should. I am also on a low pop. server. I am only posting 125 glyphs at a time right now. Once I start learning more I'm sure I will start making a lot more gold, and being able to post more. I never really cared about gold or the AH before now.. but this addon makes it pretty simple once you set it up!

The profit was slow at first because I only had about 1k gold to work with. I also didn't have very many glyphs to make. But I have slowly increased my profit everyday. I've made 3k gold in the last 2 days out of that 9k total. :)

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#33 Mar 28 2012 09:34am
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nice guild
#34 Apr 6 2012 04:36pm
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nice guide, i wish i had the patience to set this up.
#35 Apr 6 2012 07:59pm
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Quote (Description @ Apr 6 2012 02:36pm)
nice guide, i wish i had the patience to set this up.

wishing for something that can easily be achieved is odd
#36 Apr 7 2012 12:58am
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I just tried this. Sold like 3 glyphs within 30 minutes. Made about 200-300 gold.
I don't really like this (and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong).
I'm just going to go back to mining/herbalism>flasks/gems/jewelry (disenchant)>sell, in my opinion that's easier, than relying on other people.
But this is a nice guide, that's all I wanted to say, pretty much.
+I was getting undercut every 10 seconds.

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#37 Apr 24 2012 09:31am
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tsm has been out for a long time now
the thing is so many people on my server are doing it that every glyph is 20g and profits are extremely small
#38 Apr 26 2012 02:22pm
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Quote (Jaymson @ Feb 29 2012 11:34pm)
this needs to be sticky'd imo

#39 Apr 28 2012 09:37pm
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#40 Jun 30 2012 02:50pm
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nice guide needs to be sticky'd
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