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#1 Aug 13 2011 02:18am
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TSM’s team work is legendary throughout the League of Legends community. Even among the rest of the pros it stands as the pinnacle of unity. However, such unity is not easily obtained…

As Chaox sat in the darkness pondering his thoughts, Xpecial entered the room. “Turn on a light or you’ll strain your eyes and won’t be able to CS for me” Xpecial said with a joking, yet caring voice. “Oh…sorry…haha…” Chaox replied. “What’s wrong?” “…Well, the Oddone and Rainman have been arguing a lot again and I’m a little worried that it can be detrimental to our team synergy.” “Not everyone can be in sync as well as us, we’ve had a little more…practice” Xpecial said with a coy grin on his face. “Oh, that reminds me we haven’t ‘practiced’ in a while…and to be honest, it pains me” Chaox answered. “Sorry, we’ve been so busy scrimming and going to tournaments that my body isn’t ready.” “Don’t worry about the small details so much Xpecial, but then again I guess that’s why you’re the support” Chaox joked as he stared into Xpecial’s soul. “D-Don’t stare like that” Xpecial muttered “you know it makes me….sensitive.” “It’s alright” reassured Chaox as he took off his shirt “I’ll carry you.” Chaox proceeded to take off his pants while Xpecial whispered gently “critical hit” as he saw Chaox’s delicate luggage flop out. Soon both carry and support were sprawled softly on the floor of the dimly room when a disturbance was heard….

At the apex of their physical endearments, Chaox and Xpecial looked up to see none other than Rainman and Oddone enter the room arguing about champion viability. They choked on the very words they spoke as they walked onto Chaox and Xpecial choking on a little more than words. “What…what’s going on?” Rainman managed to utter. “Good timing gentlemen” Chaox responded “It’s about time you two learned to work together, as a team.” “What the hell do you mean, you maniacal nutjob” the Oddone retorted. “Nutjob is a good way to put it” chuckled Xpecial “You two are constantly arguing and we believe it’s because there’s unsung tension between each of you.” “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about Xpecial, but Oddone never ganks for me” belted the Rainman. “I always gank for you, fag.” “Prove it then.” “Fine!” squealed Oddone “I’ll gank you right now!” The Oddone then proceeded to disrobe himself in a fashion that can only be described as ‘fascinating’. “W-what is this” blushed Rainman. “I’m ganking you…from behind because I don’t want to disturb that ward in your front bush” Oddone managed to whisper. “O-okay, then at least let me feel the strength of your bottom tower” Rainman replied. He slowly took off each article of clothing and as he stood there an audible gasp could be heard from the Oddone. “I never knew you had a Needlessly Large Rod…” Oddone said as his pale skin turned to a crimson visible even in the twilight covered room. The Oddone’s member dripped, aching for the feel of Rainman’s abyssal depths. “W-welcome to Summoner’s…… HHHNNNNNNNGGGGGG……Rift” Rainman gasped as he convulsed for air as the Oddone filled his great crevice. Chaox leaned over and gently whispered in in Xpecial’s ear “Finally, they’re team mates.” “Yea” Xpecial panted as he felt Chaox’s B.F Sword, “All we need now is our fearless leader.”

As if summoned by a queue from the League itself, Reginald entered the room with a god-like demeanor that rivaled even Zeus himself. “I see you’re all practicing without me” Reginald said coldly. “Regi…” Rainman exhaled. Without a moment’s hesitation, Reginald took off his pants to reveal a Black cleaver. “Let me show you guys my aggressive play style” he said slyly. Reginald walked slowly over to where the Oddone was exploring Rainman’s jungle. “Regi” the Oddone panted between heaves “err….Big Daddy…can you show me your explosive AP burst?” “If by AP you mean African-Penis, then yes, I can” Reginald chortled. Reginald licked Rainman’s ear and whispered softly “You’re relieved of your duties, brave soldier. You need more magic resist to handle what’s coming next.” As he slammed his massive fully charged Rod of Ages into Oddone’s fanny, Oddone shrilled at the top of his lungs as he clung to consciousness from both the pain and sweet, sweet, pleasure his precious jungle was experiencing. Reginald was approaching climax quickly from Oddone’s supple hiney. “D-daddy, I knew when I joined TSM that only you could calm my never ending rage” Oddone wheezed. Just as he finished that very sentence, Reginald unleashed his ultimate, which had the force of a thousand white hot suns crashing into Earth. Reginald’s load missed the Oddone, blasting Chaox and Xpecial with such force that they collided with Rainman who was several feet away. “It feels good to finally practice as a team” Xpecial said as he caressed Chaox gently in his arms.

As dawn approached TSM’s lodgings and sunlight trickled through the windows, the weary members beamed with a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. At last, the sun rose into the blistering, endless sky and shone down upon our heroes. With a slight smile forming within the corner of Chaox’s docile mouth he said “I’m glad I streamed this for my marathon.”

Source : http://www.solomid.net/forums/index.php?/topic/10792-tsms-godlike-teamwork-story/

TL:DR : It's worth a read.
#2 Aug 13 2011 02:21am
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Quote (T3azer @ 13 Aug 2011 10:18)
TL:DR : It's worth a read.

good joke
#3 Aug 13 2011 02:29am
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Just listen to dyrus read it :O
#4 Aug 13 2011 02:32am
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#5 Aug 13 2011 02:33am
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#6 Aug 13 2011 02:35am
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TROLOL ahaahaha. nice
#7 Aug 13 2011 02:55am
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Do not write that much.
#8 Aug 13 2011 06:46am
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#9 Aug 13 2011 06:51am
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Greapper would enjoy this.
#10 Aug 13 2011 12:26pm
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Quote (T3azer @ Aug 13 2011 03:33am)

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