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#1 May 4 2011 10:51am
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Hi Everyone!

In the last few days, I fixed a handful of bugs, and introduced the ASE Error Reporting tool (http://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/ase.php). I have rolled all of the fixes into an official release of 1.21.1, as detailed below:

- If Global/Local Storage was disabled in Flash, you could not login to LS. This is fixed; it now nags you to turn it on instead. (Storage is used to save various settings, such as the last logged in name, inventory arrangement, and various UI settings)
- Vault Search - Close window bug fixed (if you searched and closed the window before the search results were returned, you'd get an error)
- Ladder - Close window bug fixed (if you opened the ladder and closed the window/logged out before the search results were returned, you'd get an error)
- Glyph with Mana Regen bug fixed. This should fix the ASE errors with glyphs!

Thanks to everyone that reported these errors, and your help in narrowing them down! (Especially the last one!)

Refresh and/or clear cache to get the latest version. It should show v1.21.1 at the bottom right side at login.
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