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#1 May 31 2010 02:19am
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Hey I am planning on getting the Big Baby Taylor for my new guitar, since I want to start playing agian.

I am getting it at 330 at guitar center new with a discount coupon.

Do you think the Big Baby Taylor is a good guitar?

I had the Seagull s6 before since they told me it was best under 450, but I did not like it personally.

Please help out if you think so.
#2 May 31 2010 01:43pm
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make sure its solid wood
#3 Jun 1 2010 02:10pm
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Quote (B4K3R @ May 31 2010 12:43pm)
make sure its solid wood

They are solid tops, with laminate backs and sides if I am not mistaken.... so I wouldn't recommend it personally if you intend to keep it for any length of time. Although besides my 1976 Alvarez DY85 and my Epiphone Masterbuilt AJ500, I have an epiphone EJ200 which is a jumbo acoustic with a solid top and laminate sides and back, and it actually sounds quite good for the time being, although I doubt it would age well. So take a few things into account. How serious you are. If you want this to be your main instrument for years to come. Or is this just a stepping stone to another guitar later on, if so, get it if you like the sound now, it will sound nice now, but laminate doesn't age well like solid wood does.
#4 Jun 7 2010 03:34pm
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blueridge br-160 beats the pants off any alvarez and the big baby taylor. solid indian rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, rosewood fretboard (180 has ebony), beautiful inlay work!!! go play one before you spend too much on a nametag.
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