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#1 Apr 6 2010 05:04pm
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The following is an absolutely true story of how I had my first sexual
encounter. I have always had dogs around my house from as far back as I can
remember. It was only when I got to around 13 years old that one day, while
I was wearing a short pants and playing with my dog, he stuck his head up
the leg of the shorts and started licking the head of my dick. After I had
gotten over the shock of the event I realised that this was the most
intense thing I had ever felt in my life. Needless to say, from that day
forward, I took every opportunity to allow him access to my dick so he
could lick and sometimes, softly chew it.

One day, when I was about 16 years old, I remembered seeing how dogs would
fuck by mounting on the back of each other. I decided to try an experiment.
One night, I set up a mirror in my room against the wall and snuck my dog
into my room. I then proceeded to set him up next to the mirror and mount
him as if I was going to fuck him. I would slide my dick under his belly,
reach around from the other side, so as not to block the view from the
mirror, and fuck my hand. The sight of it was amazing. There was my dog
patiently standing there as I jerked back and forth as if I was fucking
him. I think I came so hard the first time I collapsed on the ground. My
dog then proceeded to lick up all my cum and clean me off. Sometimes, for a
little variation, I would pull him up onto my back and watch us in the
mirror as I masturbated. The only problem was the he would just lay there
on my back as I crouched there on all fours.

One day, I heard some friends talking about how they had jerked off a cat
and how he had gone crazy. I decided to try it with my dog. That night, I
got the mirror set up and again, snuck him into my room. I quickly
undressed and, trying to prolong the anticipation, I only let him lick and
play with my dick for a while. However, I couldn't stand it any more and
quickly got down on all fours. I pulled him up unto my back and reached
back to his dick and started stroking it. I was immediately rewarded
because he started jerking his hips. To me, in the mirror, it looked like
he was fucking me. I was entranced by the sight of this dog jerking on my
back. I was totally unprepared for what happened next. I had let go of his
dick and placed my hands back on the ground, trying to better position
myself to watch the action in the mirror while I masturbated with my other
hand. I guess I must have accidently moved my asshole in the right line
because he immediately entered me and started fucking me hard. I froze. I
had wanted to experience something, but this was way beyond anything I had

What I was seeing in the mirror was not a game anymore. I was actually
being fucked up the ass by my dog. He quickly grabbed my hips with his
front legs, shifted his position slightly, and proceeded to ram his entire
prick up into me. I freaked. I started whining and whimpering as I could
feel his prick slamming into my asshole and actually feel it moving inside
me. I started masturbating like there was no tomorrow. It was the most
amazing thing that had ever happened to me. There I was, like some dog
bitch, being fucked by a dog. At that moment, I was not his master. I was
just another bitch he was trying to impregnate. I kept looking at the
mirror as if I expected what I was seeing to disappear, but no. There it
was in front of me. Me, naked and on all fours, my dog, hunched over my
back, his front legs holding me by the hips to get a good grip, jerking his
hips quickly and he fucked me. I quickly came and crouched there with my
head spinning.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten about one thing. While he was fucking me, he
got his back legs unto my legs so he could get a better position to get his
prick deeper into me. I, meanwhile, had been grinding my ass back into him
to allow him to more accessto my ass to fuck me better. At that moment, all
I could think about was that I wanted this dog to fuck me as much as hard
and as long as possible. I fact i think I prepared to let him go on fucking
me forever. So, of course, he got his knot into me and locked it in
solidly. I had felt something filling me up like I was being stuffed, but I
just attributed it to the size of his prick and as far as I was concerned,
the more he could get into me, the better.

After what felt like eternity to me, he finally slowed down and stopped and
just lay there. I recovered a bit and proceeded to try and move off to
clean myself up and try and recover from the experience. That was when I
felt something tugging on me from the inside of my ass. I then realised
that I was now really and truly his bitch. Here I was, on all fours, tied
to him while he filled me with sperm. The knot felt amazing inside me and I
lay there revelling in the sensation of that huge prick in me. I felt like
someone had worked a ball into me, but at the same time, it was sending
sensations coursing through me that I had never felt before. Anyone who has
never had a dog's knot locked inside them will not understand the
sensation. It is the most intensely erotic and strange feeling you can
have. I have been fucked three times by men since tht aday, but nothing can
replace the sensation of that huge knot locked just inside your asshole. I
immediately got another erection and masturbated again.

After about 15 minutes, during which time I managed to cum at least twice
more, he finally got soft enough to slip out of me. I lay there on my side
on the ground of my bedroom for quite a while, unable to do anything but
try and come to terms with what had just happened. While I lay there, he
came over and proceeded to lick me clean, from my ass to my dick. As I lay
there and he licked me, I realised that I had just had my first sexual
encounter not with a girl, like I had always imagined it, but with my dog.
The funny thing was that I didn't mind. I really loved that dog at the time
and had had him for almost 10 years at that point. He had been with me
through most of the traumatic periods of my life, and somehow, it felt
appropriate that I should give myself to him for everything he had given to

Needless to say, that was not the last time I let him fuck me. I have since
then had four dogs. All male, of course. I have let them all fuck me and
have even had one or two of them turn on me (an experience that has to be
felt to be believed). But he will always have a special place in my heart
as the first sexual experience of my life.

#2 Apr 6 2010 05:09pm
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#3 Apr 6 2010 05:10pm
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How much did you account cost though?
#4 Apr 6 2010 05:13pm
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Cool story, brah. I would have more to say if I read it.
#5 Apr 6 2010 05:22pm
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Quote (AznMuffinn @ Apr 6 2010 11:13pm)
Cool story, brah. I would have more to say if I read it.

Worth reading imo.
#6 Apr 6 2010 05:47pm
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Wow. Amazing. Beastiality is win.
#7 Apr 6 2010 06:40pm
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what kind of dog?
#8 Apr 6 2010 06:47pm
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ugh, I'll stick with men..
#9 Apr 6 2010 07:24pm
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Quote (rsim91 @ Apr 7 2010 12:47am)
ugh, I'll stick with men..

That's fucked up. Sex with men is wrong(unless it's a dog)
#10 Apr 6 2010 07:38pm
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