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#1 Mar 29 2010 06:53pm
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i need like 34 questions answered....
chapter 3
what does george ask whit about the "new kid"-curleys wife?
why does george refuse to go with whit to see whether slim and curley will get into a fight?
descirbe the offer candy makes to george. what is george's first reaction? what is his final reaction?
what does candy say to george about his dog?
Why does curley attack lennie? what is the result of his attack?
explain what slim makes curley agree to?
george tells slim that he used to play jokes on lennie but that he finally stopped. what does this indicate to you about george's character?
slim remarks that lennie is "jes'like a kid". is that description accurate?
carlson assures candy that he can shoot candy's old dog without him feeling any pain and demonstrates how he would do it. what does this scene reveal about carlson's character?
slim protects george and lennie's confrontation with curley. why do you think he does this? what does this suggest slims character?
chapter 4
consider the description of crooks' bunk. what does the description of his room tell us about his character? provide four conclusions you can draw about his character from the items he has in his room.
why doesnt crooks want lennie to come into his room at first?
why does crookss tell lennie so much about himself?
how does crooks tell lennie so much about himself?
how does crooks scare lennie with his talk?
why does he scare lennie?
why does candy come into crooks room?
what does candys wife mean when she says, "you're all scared of each other, thats what"?
after curleys wife attacks crooks, how does crooks respond?
why is george angry with lennie asnd with candy when he finds them in crooks' room?
at one point crooks offers to work for nothing on the ranch george, lennie and candy were going to buy. why does he withdraw his offer at the end of the chapter?
chapter 5
what happened to lennies puppy?
how does lennie feel about what has happened to his puppy? what does he fear the consequence will be?
why does curley's wife talk to lennie in the barn?
what do you learn about her background?
why does curleys wife let lennie pet her hair?
why does she ends up screaming?
how is this reminiscent of what happened to him before?
why does lennie get angry with curleys wife? what happens to her?
how is curleys wife discovered?
how does curley feel about the dead woman?
what does george mean when he tells candy, "i think i knowed we'd never do her"?
what plan does george come up with after candy finds the body? why does he hatch this plan?
why do slim and george agree, "i guess we gotta get [lennie]"?
what is curleys immediate reaction to the murder?
how do carlson and whit react?
what plans do the men make?
why does curley want george along as they search for lennie?
what is the atmosphere at the beginning of the chapter, where the narrator describes the barn- the new hay, afternoon sun, buzz of flies?
how does the atmosphere change after lennie kills curleys wife?
chapter 6
how is the setting at the opening of this final chapter like that of the first scene in the story?
in what ways has the story come full circle-right back to where it started?
how is killing introduced into this peaceful scene?
how is the description of the snakes death like the description of lennies violence against curl and against his wife?
why has lennie come to this clearing?
what is he imagining at this point?
why do you think he is imagining these things?
what is georges mood when he finds lennie?
why doesnt he yell at lennie at first?
why do you think he goes ahead with his usual complaints about lennie-but "woodenly"?
why does lennie think it is a good time to "trick" george into telling him the story?
why does the storytelling usually give both of them pleasure?
how does george distract lennie while he takes out the gun?

so if you know any of these questions please post the answers please!!! i need this badly or ill fail the class. :(
#2 Mar 29 2010 06:55pm
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#3 Mar 29 2010 06:56pm
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Quote (AiNedeSpelCzech @ Mar 29 2010 07:55pm)

....as you can see i dont want to read......thats the whole reason why im posting this. i dont have enough time to read....
#4 Mar 29 2010 07:50pm
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