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#1 Jan 22 2010 12:18pm
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v1.18.1 has been released. While only a "minor version" update, it contains some huge game-play changes. See below for the details:

- Offensive Charms now have a % chance to hit all monsters in catacombs per cast. The % chance is based upon your proficiency and the size of your group (full group = more % chance)
- Market will now correctly let you have 10 items under 20fg cost, whether you have higher priced items already listed or not
- Unsold (0fg) items on the market now count towards your amount, with a hard limit of 10, even if the item is priced at 20fg or higher
- Using glyphs in the arena will no longer reset your MCC
- Chatlog (L) now updates while open (do not have to close and reopen it, can just leave it open if you want)
- Cap on unspawnable Life Steal items has been lifted (** subject to change again at a future time, of course)
- Cap on effective EE now adjusted to be +20EE over the tier max. (This affects high proficiencies on high EE items, as well as unspawnables)
- Client will now correctly display the "adjusted" damage/defense ranges of items based upon EE caps (per above).
- Click and hold now works for Fishing, Cooking, and Transmuting
- Proficiency points gained now displays after completing a skill (eg; +3 will popup within the Skill window, etc.)
- Character class will now show up in a /find command following the character name (2 letter abbreviation, like catacombs)

Make sure you refresh/clear cache so your client says v1.18.1 at the bottom right corner during login.

Thanks to hapycmpr for helping test!

Have fun!
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