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#46001 Jan 19 2018 11:33am
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gimme the jimi jerk
one hug for a tug
#46002 Jan 19 2018 01:13pm
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Quote (Tianjin @ Jan 19 2018 11:06am)
there oughta be a new strip club except
instead of strippers it's girls vacuumpacked into latex
n then you could just let all the johns jerk off onto them
hose em down afterwards
even like
carbonite-tier somethin
like if hanna solo (or whatever hot german chick you "freeze") had perfectly usable latex orifices
step beyond
just fuckin freeze ppl in carbonite when they die
with a lil liberal artistic adjustment for youth
and then you've got fullbody fleshlights
like being in the basilisk's garden with fuckable statues and no crazy greek lizard goddess out to eat your guts

i feel a strip club would be 10 times more worth it if did things to appeal to peoples various fetishes instead of just stripping/dancing.
though minus the dudes since that would probably push things to far and break laws right?
just replace that with like squirt gun like devices built into the stage or something that blow loads of thick fake jizz or something. simulated bukakke. lol

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#46003 Jan 19 2018 05:09pm
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is anyone else celebrating this fine friday evening??
#46004 Jan 21 2018 01:03am
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#46005 Jan 21 2018 08:39pm
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#46006 Jan 22 2018 03:23am
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Quote (Chuu @ 21 Jan 2018 16:03)

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