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#1531 Sep 28 2017 09:26pm
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Quote (crackils @ Sep 5 2017 01:23pm)
I just started reading GoT and I wish I had started sooner..

Unless it's because the tv version would have be better after reading books( which is unlikely) you won't wish that when you finish all 5 books and still have to wait 15 years for the final book
#1532 Oct 15 2017 08:50pm
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"The Name of the Wind" By Patrick Rothfuss

7.5/10.... Solid read, great book!
#1533 Oct 16 2017 07:52pm
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Just Juliet - f/f romance, 8/10. didn't like the supporting characters.

Star Force: Lost Destiny - sci fi space opera, 3/10. 18 of 28 chapters was just MC running around....

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#1534 Oct 16 2017 11:10pm
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Been reading Olan Thorenen's Destiny's Crucible series, currently on book 3

Also started the Bobiverse series, which is totally different but awesome, just wish he had more completed up to this point

Also finished all the current books in The Simpleton series, which is also pretty good
#1535 Oct 18 2017 06:33pm
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Just started The Beautiful and the Damned by Fitzgerald... so far it’s interesting. 1920s millennials
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