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#7101 May 24 2015 04:21pm
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Quote (kasey21 @ 24 May 2015 06:40)
As stated in a SBS. Fresh Water and Salt Water effect devil fruit users the same. Now as for a water logia. Crazy op. since not only would he be immune to the effects of water and seastone (he can't only be immune to one. if he is immune to 1 then he has to be immune to the other), but he would also give off the energy that disables fruit users as well. He would be a natural enemy of all fruit users.

The way I see this is when the water carries the power of the sea, no matter what kind of water, it will drain fruit users strength

thus it doesn't matter if you had the water fruit as long as the water didn't directly touch source of the seas power. pretty simple if you think about it, everyone has water in their bodies; if any water truly would cancel fruit powers then nobody would have powers at all.
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