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#7421 Aug 26 2016 11:02pm
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Quote (SCXiao @ Aug 25 2016 03:27pm)
Dat gear fourth vs Cracker tho!

It was barely enough to beat a fatally wounded Doflamingo though, how the hell could he even stand a chance against a yonko commander?

to be fair, i think doffy was pretty dam strong and resilient. he might not be up there with the yonkous but id say hes probably stronger than an admiral.
#7422 Aug 27 2016 12:06am
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Quote (seifersan @ Aug 26 2016 08:19pm)
There's another 10 years of one piece still to come, of course they will still get more power ups.

obviously, but I meant something in the short term
#7423 Aug 27 2016 12:49pm
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Quote (Eep @ Aug 27 2016 01:06am)
obviously, but I meant something in the short term

Honestly I don't believe so. It seems like big mom will not be an enemy, blackbeard is fighting dragon and shanks is being pursued by other pirates of the worst generation.

I think soon we will see the yonkos lose their titles, with the only battle luffy takes place in is against Kaido. I do believe luffy will use power we haven't seen yet but I think he already has it.

The next time Imo they will train is to get ready for the gorosei.
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